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About Us

EcoCarrier Inc., a private Canadian corporation, is the new generation carrier that provides origination and termination services VoIP-based telephone service providers.

EcoCarrier's network deployment has been timed to allow for the 'coming of age' of VOIP technology that now assures the constant delivery of toll quality voice services domestically and internationally.

EcoCarrier carries the traffic of QiiQ clients, other switched carriers, and a host of specialized telecom users - at rates never before achievable.

EcoCarrier can change the cost structure of your service provision business model without requiring you to make capital expenditures and without changing the manner in which the EcoCarrier partners communicate with each other.

EcoCarrier stands out from its competitors by virtue of the fact that it has no legacy PSTN network while having instant access to traffic necessary to achieve the critical mass essential for profitable network operations. EcoCarrier's optimally balanced network design allows for switch-to-switch connections and enhanced functionality at every POP thereby eliminating hair-pinning and providing more flexibility, savings, and scalability than any other ITSP.

Please visit www.ecocarrier.com for more information.

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